Let’s Talk About Support!


Fun at the mud run!

Something that has really helped me sustain my journey with health is the people I look to for support. We all decide to be healthy and active for ourselves, but I also know how motivating and encouraging it can be when you have someone who struggles and succeeds alongside you or someone who just believes in you.

There are so many ways I have found support.

First of all, I have my two “sister friends” that I have been friends with since before high school. They walk with me and are involved in the same kind of programs I am. We also get to talk, vent, challenge and encourage each other. They are always commenting on my social media and it really makes me feel supported to have people who encourage me so much.

I also have Sally, who is my best friend. She works out with me and has for years. She used to go to the gym with me first thing in the morning, and there was no workout or program she wouldn’t try. She not only is hysterical, but she is also fearless when it comes to trying new things. That was good for me because she pushed me by being encouraging, but also by suffering with me and I admired her for her hard work and determination.

Having support from friends is a great way to help you start changing into a healthier you. I have been blessed with friends who make fitness fun and relaxing. I have done mud runs, I have done charity walks, I have taken fitness classes, all with my friends or daughter. It’s nice to complete something and have someone there to share that satisfaction with you. And now, when I walk with my friends, I notice how beautiful everything is and how good it feels to be outside. If it weren’t for our walks, would I go outside and enjoy the scenery and release stress or talk about what’s going on in my life? Probably not! And that would be a shame because it feels so good!

I am also part of an online group through Beachbody. The group is full of people just like me. They offer tips and encouragement when I am struggling and they help me stay on track. Fitness and changing your lifestyle can be hard, and it can be scary. I always beat myself up when I make unhealthy choices with food or don’t work out, but my group helps me remember that one bad day doesn’t ruin all of my progress. The important thing is that I get up and make an effort the next day, which brings me to my next point.

Having a goal is one of the best ways to support yourself in your journey. Print out pictures or write down what you want, and then look at it every day. Make a list of things you can do to reach your goal. See yourself reaching your goal. This helps me stay focused and it lets me know that it’s possible for me to have what I want. I see improvements and I know they will stay consistent as long as I stay consistent.

If anyone needs a push, someone to vent to about how hard these changes can sometimes be, or just someone to offer friendly encouragement, please reach out to me. I would love to help you on your journey!


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